Wednesday, November 2, 2022



The years have certainly Ambushed me that's for sure. Now over 30 🤮.

The Illegitimate Children 

The years were not the only ones to lay down a surprise attack, so were these painted Genestealer Cultist.

Nothing better than scatter

I smashed through them in less than a week, and somehow they look better than the rest of the shit I paint...

I actually got to use my brutes

As for the big birthday Bonanza after 6 hours of explaining the rules we quit to head home. While the game remained unfished it was clear I wasn't going to win or force the draw having engaged on to many fronts in the multiplayer. It was probably going to go the way of a cult.

The Final Boardstate

The Inch Grid was both great and confusing for new players.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Farewell Wellywood and Welcome on the Big Birthday Bonanza


So I was one the Campaign Arbitrators on the Last local campaign. This wrapped up last week. It was great fun but also a lot to manage with Weekly oversight needed from me and Selby. Its like being a player and a DM in DND. Good thing there are two of us able to keep each other in check and Daimon as a tiebreaker who chips in occasionally.

Please feel free to download the Campaign Document here.

The final scenario was a 6 player multi with everyone who had bought a ticket to the game. In short Sean slowly walked around a 4x4 board with his 4" movement Goliaths and eventually after 5 hours was the last one standing as the final attacker blew themselves up with an overcharged plasma pistol. 

Pink Stars = Loot Boxes, Green Bars = Locked Doors
Orange Stars = Sentry Servitors

The scenario can be found here and I have posted a map of the layout above. You can see Wellywoods short overview below with highlights such as seeing me standing about or watching me drop a template on someone elses models (I hate myself for things like this, at least they were not painted so not too guilty).

Daimon who runs Wellywood is leaving the country so that was the last campaign I will be apart of on the channel (unless he comes back to Wellington...) before he left he did an Interview with me and Selby, of which I hate because he didn't tell me my hair was a mess for the entire video...

I may do a skirmish video with him for one last piece of content before he leaves but I am not sure.

Onto the next big thing I am doing a special game of Necromunda for my Birthday. I have roped in some friends and will be doing a 4 player multi. We will be doing Border Dispute but in an effort to reduce set up/packdown, how much I am transporting etc I will be using my Tenfold Dungeon to create a zone mortalis style complex. I will also transport the minis in the Tenfold Boxes. The layout for the game has been settled on, with a nice long map and with gangs starting next to each other but due to the doors will find it easier to attack the player on the opposite side of the board.

I do love making maps.

Here are the Gang Relics, Aim of the Game to keep your relic safe and defile all the opposing gangs relics.

Protect the Precious

3 of the Gangs are ready to go and Necromunda is great for bringing in that RPG part with the narrative aspects so I have given each of the painted gangs a short backstory. Lets hope I can paint the 8 models needed for the last gang in a week, until then they will hide away in secret.

Janus Draik now a rebel lord on the run from the law for his political heresy. Down in the underhive he carves a out a new place to rule aided by his seer, ex house staff and some hired guns. Dragging around his most prized possession: a statue of a Howling Griffons space marine.

'Hyli ⭐' - A gang of skilled tech savvy members of house Van Saar. They honour a hero of ancient terra past. Fitted with tech from the lost ages or experimental new research some few even willing to upgrade themselves. Lead by Glasear who aims to one day eat a fruit from his precious tree, a pleasure few in the hive would ever hope to experience.

The Death Lotus clan is lead by the charismatic Jhor'dan. Able to call upon the gods for inhuman strength and aided by dark powers from Auriok the psyker he and his followers shall take the area. Having planted their flag to stake their claim.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Last Chance to Run

Viridian, Cyborg Master of the Spider Rig.

The gangs trade allies in the Escher made it known that they wanted to claim the generator. They were not secretive in their statements and made it clear they would be up to to their eyeballs in drugs when they came. 

The Battlefield

Glasear made the call that they would not defend the Generator, nor would they risk their lives but for the sake of the Delaque spies and any other gang watching a fight would be staged.

Respect to the long forgotten legends of Terra


Well that was my final game of the standard campaign. In terms of game play I knocked myself out with an unstable lasgun (shock upgrade from my Archaeotech device). Then I failed my bottle check. My freshly painted champ then fled. 

8 Limbs Makes the posing and photos harder

I think I only took out one ganger and but Escher didn't actually take out a single one of my gang members as I proceeded to slowly fail my cool checks.

Cyber Juve got the exp though

Now all that is left is the final, well originally the final was going to be between the top 2 players of the campaign but neither of the top 2 wants its to be a one on one and would prefer if everyone was involved. As such we are creating a custom game of King of the Hill so everyone gets a chance. 

Crown me BB

Per the final territory map below Pilgrims will be in the middle with 5, and I will get 2 Fighters.

Not the most thematic maps but they help alot. TY Yaktribe

That was meant to be played yesterday, in an effort to have my 2 fighgters that I will be playing with painted I went and churned out my super juve only to find out the game was cancelled. 

Jojo, Cyborg Hoverboard Enthusiast

The Backstory for the next campaign: It was a quiet day as the lookout above the hanger doors of Cargo Dome D-H311 watched as a single ravaged Cargo Truck sped in. Only one person onboard. Once stopped and given a drink the driver began rambling about how he and his crew had found an Archaeotech Cache. They had loaded what they could into the trucks and marked the location on the Foreman's dataslate. Roughly an hour after they had left a family of massive sandworms attacked them. It harassed the land train for hours across miles of old highways and dunes. Only he survived with only half a cargo to prove what they found. If the story is to be believed there are treasures now scattered throughout the wastes and not to mention a mother load of the Cache waiting to be rediscovered.

Fnatic Forever

The story has travelled fast and gangs and locals alike have heard of an Archaeotech Cache containing untold treasure hidden in the rolling dunes close to the Hive. Weaponry, Lost Technology and other unfathomable wonders have drawn the gangs out into the edges of the wastes as well as the attention of the locals. 

Not to Shabby

I have started cobbling together something from the bits box for the new vehicle rules (yes I had half a Rockgrinder in the bits box...) 

It will look okay when done.. I hope

And I went and bought myself a Hotwheels for $3 (NZD) as a gangster sandbike. 

The Truck Gunner hanging with the Biker

Monday, June 20, 2022

Maps Galore

Andrea was waiting atop the radio tower for the contact as instructed. Glasear had mentioned there was a house request to fulfill during the surgery and this would be the meeting point. Andrea shivered though not because of the cold but the loneliness. This lone tower was separated heavily from the nearest walls and scaffolding that covered most floors. The emptiness was unnerving, honestly she would rather be crawling through a pipe.

The garage wasn't available at last minute so we popped into Cerberus games who kindly let us use a table free of charge. Box terrain for a makeshift map.

The minutes passed as she wondered if she was in the right spot. Maybe she was a fool for climbing the whole tower and the messenger was down below at the base. As she peered over the edge she could a light moving below. As it neared she could see it was not one glowing light but many smaller red lights combined. The contact was not a human but something else that would have no problem climbing to a such a height. One of house Van Saar's arachnids climbed towards her. 

A fun conversion will get a proper paint job later.

Unlike Milky the crews current pet arachnid this one was jet black with red markings on its back. It climbed up the antennae next to her before dropping back down on its silk exposing its inner thorax to her where a small black box was located. As she held her verification bracelet to it she shivered once more praying to the machine spirit for an error would mean death.

The Underdog Tactics card I got...

With a green flash and a click the box slid open and Andrea wasted no time in retrieving the purse of credits and bundled data slate.

The Promethium cache had been overrun with men with Bestial heads all lead by a Lizard Man. These were certainly abhumans and abhumans at their worst, shouting heathen request to callous gods.

The 2017 Official Tunnel Tiles. Black sections with red lines are walls. No longer in production...

As she sent off her report to the Main House she received a message on her pager from Glasear. They were going to go try out their new eyes hunting smugglers, the location was tagged. What a wonderful invite.

The Gun Runners


Well I lost the promethium cache, and then decided to go assault another gangs territory. Following his surgery I got to try out pitch black fighting with cyborg infrared vision eyes on my leader and Jojo. While this turned out to be great turn 1. I still lost as I got out activated on a very small map (not to mention forgetting about overseer on the leader 🤮)

The Campaign Map heading into week 7 of the 8 week campaign.

As we head into the final 2 weeks I am actually 3rd place and have chance of making it to the Final.
The two gangs with the most territories after 8 weeks duke it out for overall supremacy. Reputation is the tie breaker and I have terrible rep so I will need to make sure I win my next few games.

15mins to set up is much quicker than 2 hours.

It wasn't the only hobby fun to be had though. Me and the Lad set up the Terrain and played games and toy soldiers over the weekend. Starting with taking the Tenfold dungeon set and trying to come up with fun 3D set up that can be done quickly. 

He barricaded off the entry to his base

This wasn't to bad and the bridges were more stable than I had expected. 

I need more Metro Morph expansions...

Next up we brought out the Metro Morph terrain and worked out that 1.5 Metro Morph floors was equal to one Large and one Medium Tenfold box. Well almost, I had to put the Large box on plastic supports (that come with the tenfold stuff) and put the medium boxes together. 

Can't wait to play a real game on this

From there we went onto build what we both thought was an amazing Multistory city. I only have a few things that go to 1.5 floors with the metro morph stuff as it only comes in the Heights Expansion box. 

Set for a Photogenic battle scene

Line Deployment

I have been on a big terrain buzz as honestly each map brings its own way to play. I went and found some files that could be used to create a zone mortalis board similar to the official terrain. 

The table in store looks great visually but its so flat gameplay wise might as well be card tiles.

Now honestly aside from a few peoples works most of what I see made with the official terrain sucks but the aesthetic is still great. 

A cheap way to play with expensive toys.

At first I did a rough mock up of what a full size tile could look like, keeping in mind that it would probably need to be 6 - 16 full sized tiles for a gaming table.

Just imagine another one mirrored on every side

Realising that this would never print and wasn't properly fitted I started over with a smaller quarter tile. This time getting all my measurements in place. And including a base tile with an inbuilt clipper system.

With Link!

Then the kind man at Potbelly Miniatures in Wellington was able to give me a quote on printing it. $65 for one quarter tile. Considering a small table of these tiles would be $1560 it was a bit more than I was willing to pay. I asked would it be different if he printed it hollow and he said maybe on a resin printer but his wasn't big enough. I would also need to redesign the ladder unless it was done in resin and resin would cost more as a material. I guess this project is now being shelfed, for anyone wanting the test file you can find it Here.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Reward


Hagen in Service to Hyli ⭐ Rising

Glasear had a arranged an upgrade for himself and Jojo with the House as a reward for claiming the Device. A cybernetic eye each. However such a process would be painful and medication would needed particularly an anesthetic would ideally be desired. Thankfully there was a synth still in working order but it was under operation of one of the local mining families. Glasear rounded up everyone, this would be there first direct assault against another gang operating in the area. 

The Territory Map in Yaktribe

As an old map of the area popped up on the holo-table he motioned for silence. 

Each Territory provides a bonus

"Here we have the distillery, at its center lies what the locals refer to as the gunk tank. This is the main processor." The crew nodded in acknowledgement. "Haze and Jojo you are to flank from the east, Viridian will come from the west, while I will lead Andrea and Hagen in from the South." Glasear paused for a second before saying "Now I have heard some strange rumours about these miners and we will see for ourselves if they are true but I want each and everyone of you to be careful out there."

The game is played like 40k,
but you alternate activations of models each turn

Upon arrival Glasear scouted ahead of Hagen and Andrea. The still had been desecrated, instead of refining complex chemical compounds into medication it had been repurposed to refine fuel from toxic waste. The "Gunk Tank". It would certainly need a good clean before any real use. Beyond the still was endless clouds of smoke and steam hiding any possible workers in the area.

Stat line is very similar to a 40k statline

As he took a vantage point on a bridge above the first worker emerged from the smoke and began to siphon the fuel into a bucket. Glasear could see Viridian climbing up a stack of fuel cells behind them, all would be well he thought. Then suddenly a streak of las fired from a derelict building to his right. 

The other stats are used for things
like opening chests and not fleeing

Well the element of surprise was over. Waiting as the next worker approached the gunk tank he began to charge his plasma cannon. Comfortably letting it heat into an explosive blast he blew them from their feet, the bucket of fuel left unattended.

Except when you lose your last wound then you roll the injury dice. 
Skull = Out of Action
Snap = Face Down
Blood = -1 Toughness

Emerging from the fumes to collect it was the myth Glasear had refused to believe till now. A gigantic pink monstrosity with 3 arms hunched down and picked up the bucket in one hand. 

If you go out of action you roll on the lasting injuries table

Glasear began charging up the cannon. Feeling the heat build he let it go, catching the beast square in the chest. Bleeding heavily it still turned and slid the bucket towards to edge of mist as another monstrous pink arm reached out.

The scenario we played. You get 2 tactics instead of a full books worth.

Glasear could hear the battle was on in full now, the sounds of las fired from both sides, flames roaring across buildings and explosions rattling in the distance. He however could not spare a moment as he saw Viridian collapse in a ball of flame as the counter ambush came through. Leaving the monstrosities he turned to fire on Viridians assailants.

Battle History on Yaktribe
Updated Territory Map

The following moments turned into a blur as shots were fired as fast as he could. Once the smoke cleared he was able to make it down to Viridian. She was in desperate need of a Doctor, she sent for the Grav Girls to take her but only Jojo returned the call.

We won, the only photo was of my victory

After he had sent them off, Glasear patrolled the area but could only find Haze's power knife and enough blood to know she was dead.

I rolled 64 for Haze. CBF finished painting her.

And 65 for Viridian. But only one can go to the Doctor.