Monday, November 5, 2018

Interior Designs

Dis ones da Ejector Button, dis er's da tellyporta and da other uns for da rockits

This was my first time doing the interior of a vehicle and while it was quite fun to build I did not however enjoy painting such cramped area. As a result the dashboard doesn't look as good as I imagined. Thinking about how I built it however I am not sure its something I could have painted seperate anyway. This gives me something to think about for next time at least. 

Other than the dashboard I am happy with how the rest of it turned especially the test for the orks skin as this was all done with washes and is how I am thinking about doing my mob of boyz.
I will try another variation first and see how that goes before I approach the mob however.

Next up is to build the rest of the Shokk Attack Dragsta around him. I think I have all the parts I am going to need so its just time to get to work.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Objective Markers - Links to Download included.

First of All I thought I would start with a sorry for no Day 2 report. Sadly I got Down With The Sickness shortly after my tournament and ended up having paramedics called to my house when I couldn't breathe and felt paralyzed the weekend before last (Thank you very Much to Wellington Free Ambulance). So I will do a quick conclusion. Somehow I managed to win all my games on Day 2 and did end up getting the Best in race Trophy (I had a massive headache and felt exhausted from overthinking). However one thing I felt great about was that in all 5 games where we used objectives my opponents were impressed by my Objective Markers and wanted them to be used as our objectives. 

They came out of the 3D printer looking really grainy and I knew from seeing someone elses painted results that I would need to do something about this to make them look good. With only one day before the tournament I came up with a plan. So much to any Duncan fans horror I went and got some thick Acrylic Paint and did not thin it down all. I went to town with a few layers of that and actually need to get the hair dryer out so it dried in time. Needless to say I am happy with the results it did make some parts of the model vary slightly from objective to objective but that also adds a bit of natural variety.

As such I thought I would share them with the world. I posted them on thingyverse a few days ago and within 4 days they have had 98 downloads which I am personally impressed with. Compared to my Ork Objective Markers which have had 27 downloads in 2 months. What Ork doesn't need more Tires, Every Mek always needs MOAR wheels.

I also just posted my Necron Objective Markers (Made for the MonkeyChukka as a surprise), he was kind enough to actually use them. These are all available for anyone to download and print themselves in the below links.

Tyranid Objective Markers here:
Ork Objective Markers here:
Necron Objective Markers here:

These were all designed to be printed on a very low quality 3D printer so they are quite large to ensure the details come out, I personally like this as it makes the Numbers easy to read while playing as well.

As I thoroughly enjoy making them and I feel like everyone needs good objective Marker I will be looking to add Objective Markers for other factions in the future as well. Next in line will probably be Eldar as I have an idea for Mini Webway Gates if i can get it to work.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fields of Blood Day 1

So on the weekend I attended the Fields of Blood tournament. I should start out with a thanks for Pete with putting up with us all and a thanks to everyone who supplied terrain for the event, it was great playing on well done table vs well done armies.

My Army

To sum up the gaming side of things it was 1750pts with a hidden handicap designed to try encourage fluffy armies. Each game had custom missions with a twist and big focus on objectives. With a maximum of 10 Battle Points per game, 7 points for a win and 3 other points for First Strike (Kill a unit on your first turn), Line Breaker and Slay the Warlord.

Game 1 - Acid Rain, 6 Objectives Accumulative Scoring Vs Alpha Legion.

I was shaking with pre-tournament nerves, I rushed through deployment knowing I had to play fast. Still with two horde armies it took almost an hour.

Acid Rain applied a -1 to shooting and charges and was in play for round 1 and could disappear on a 4+ starting round 2. Deployment saw a huge horde of Berserkers just outside of my deployment ready to charge my Guardsman Neophytes who didn't look like they would hold the objective for long. I silly decided to put everything I had into the cultists who were strung across 3 objectives. I amazing rolled 12 shoots for one leman russ and 11 for the other, sadly acid rain and Alpha Legions -1 trait converted that to 1 hit. The Termagaunts did a lot better wiping most of them out. In my rush to get through the turns so quickly I forgot to use the stratagem to shoot them again. My Genestealers and Patriarch charged a unit of marines on the first turn, looking at the clock he said don't bother rolling and just picked up the squad. His berserkers then made short work of most of my army. His Daemon Prince charged my Miasma Cannon Tyrant between that and the fight again stratagem I was able to get Warlord. By the end of the game my nerves had calmed and my opponent and I came to a gracious agreement that my Patriarch could hide in his deployment zone. I lost massively in terms of table presence but not to badly on objectives from my genestealers, rippers and scout sentinel doing work. Still with all 3 secondarys each it was good game in terms of Battle Points for both. However between my nerves and the clock I totally forgot to take pictures.

Heres a photo of the best table instead.
Game 2 - Meteor Showers, Hidden Supply Cache Vs Farsight Enclaves

We placed 6 Objectives around the table with the idea being from round 2 we would start rolling to see if one was the supply cache removing the other until there was 1 left or if we found the supplies. We were also meant to roll 3d6 at the start of every turn with each 6 representing a meteor hitting an enemy unit. This was usually done at random points in our turn when we remembered that there was meant to be falling meteors.

What fitting Terrain when Facing Tau.

I managed to get first turn and got a 6 on cult ambush to deploy the Patriarch and his genestealers with them right on top of a riptide and a the Fusion Coldstar I was happy with how this was going to go. I also managed a solid ambush to get my Magus within Mind Control range of a riptide. Mind Control however failed to go off but Mass Hypnosis denied the Fusions as my Patriarch ran in for the slaughter.
Things were looking good at the end of my first turn.
My Opponents first turn saw half the genestealers disappear along with Magus who must of been feeling rather silly. Round 2 began with me finding the supply cache on the edge of my deployment. My Rippers settled on building within range and the last warrior fell back to give it some added protection. I didn't achieve a lot in my shooting or charge phases with the Riptides 3+ invulnerables making sure that they lived with 1 and 5 wounds each. However my opponent was able to spend the last of his command points on his Farsight and Battlesuit Bomb. He was able to get exactly 12 wounds onto my Warlord  with this. Round 3 started with the only meteor in the game to hit and it landed on his riptide who had 1 wound remaining. Switching Focus to the newly arrived battlesuits and the drones I was able to knock out the remaining threats over the next two turns. Turn 5 became a race for me to destroy the last 2 Devilfish and kill his sneaky warlord hiding within which I just managed to do.

Fully Deployed

Set piece deployment was roll off to see who would deploy first with full army deployments. This also included a massive 2+ to go first for whoever had to set up first which no chance to seize the initiative. 3 Objectives were placed. One dead centre and one each to place in our deployments. This was a very back in forth game with me holding the middle objective for most of the game however at the end of turn 3 he was Order a single guardsman to run run onto the objective after his basilisks and gunships had just wiped my Warriors off the objective, with 10 minutes on the clock I insisted we could do round 4. I was able to clear the guardsman off the objective smite his warlord to death and advance a total of 3 neophytes onto the objective. However one platoon commander survived and was able to order another 4 guardsman onto the objective to claim it. A narrow loss that didn't do how close the game was. My Sentinel was sitting in his deployment zone still as he ignored all game to focus on real threats so was able to get all 3 secondary points however.

Rush the Artillery

With Day 1 over I had 16 Battle Points after 2 losses and a win. I didn't feel like I was out of the race yet and set my eyes on the Best in Race Trophy. Sorry for the lack of photos, sadly it only gets worse with day 2.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Something Calming, like building a model from sprue.

I know I should be painting my Genestealer Guardsman but I was feeling tense and painting is not relaxing and i needed to cut something. My Ork Gundam Warrior has been on my mind. I couldn't get him or Naomi Smalls Leg Day song out of my head so I had do something about it.

Its not alot of Progress but its something and it was enough to calm me down. I think this will be the general size now. Just to make sure its structurally sound and work out how to attach the arms.

Seeing as this is a small post here is a very small work in progress shot of me messing about with how I might do my next Ork Knight, proper knightly styles. Not sure how to go about his Lance though... And I have already butchered that seat. He didn't fit anyway.

Also the Ork threads I follow asked for requests of good models to Convert into Ork Warbuggies,

Tamiya do 1/32 race cars that are the perfect scale for 40k and with a huge variety is designs. I found the first one in a 2nd hand store and have since bought another (with a much nicer design) but the 2nd never got progressed further than the windscreen being cut out.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Just say its done and move on

With only 3 more weekends left before the tourne I just had to say he was done, not quite happy (Basing is seperate and done in batches)

This leaves me with 21 Guardsman to paint and 2 Leman Russes. I CAN DO IT.

Monday Night is games night. Tabled yet again. I lasted three turns...

I rolled more ones than i have ever seen, Needed to roll a 2 to go first, I roll a 1. Triples ones for Mind Control...

As a result I have bought new dice, hopefully these will behave...

Sunday, August 26, 2018

If I Kan Paint

Hes finally done. I'm painting stuff. Hell I feel like I might even have my army painted in time for Fields of Blood.

I found a good guide on how to paint Red on Orks Vehicles and the Killa Kan made the perfect test subject. In fact I think the kan is painted better than the patriarch standing on it... Actually I think I have only learnt how to paint this year and thats all started with following guides.

Two items left on the painting list for August, the first Leman Russ and the Magus. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Don't Deep Strike Next to Aggressors

So on Monday night I went to the local games club at the Roxy. I had 1500pt game which was my first in awhile. I was very keen to try the Patriarch and Genestealer Ambush bomb that as soon as I could they were set up to charge the 6 man aggressor squad who were the most powerful looking thing on the board. Then:

And suddenly I no longer had any Genestealers. Which is why there is no photo of them from games night..

I did however take a photo just before I was tabled.

It wasn't all bad, the Roxy gave all the club members a free Cocktail (BEST CLUB EVER).
mmm tasty

To prove that they did get painted I took some photos of the genestealers back at home. They will be properly based when everything else is ready to based at the end of the month so until then its plain dirt.