Wednesday, December 11, 2019

League of Legends New Zealand Championship

The League of Legends New Zealand Championship has taken up a lot of my time lately. Thankfully about two weeks before the tournament I was able to join one of New Zealand's largest Esport Organisations "NativeZ Esports" and be apart of one of the teams they put together for the tournament.

Stage 1 consisted of 192 teams competing across NZ in 24 Groups of 8. With Stage 2 only consisting of 24 teams it meant you had to be the best team in your group to progress. Sadly we were not the best team. While we did make an effort to train as a team prior to the tournament and our initial scrims looked hopeful we were plagued by split decision making in games. Our team had 2 junglers, Myself and OkZoomer which we initially thought would be an advantage as we had 2 distinct champion pools and different play styles the team could leverage depending on the scenario.

OkZoomer vs Daemonkz

However the training that I was able to make often got cancelled and Zoomer was more flexible and able to make training when called upon at last minute. This lead to him being the starting jungler and myself being benched for alot of the games.

My SoloQ Main

I did however find myself starting a game after some communication issues began to arise with Zoomer in game. However when it came my turn to shine I was to nervous about making mistakes and being put back on the bench that instead I was not proactive in game, the only thing worse than making mistakes is doing nothing at all.

Image result for Jarvan Im helping

While we are still waiting for the final results for our group I believe we should be in the top 4 and while that wont get us to the next round it will give us a small participation prize.

And while our team didn't make to the next round other teams within the NativeZ Organisation have and will get my full support along the way.

Special Thanks goes out to VBulldogz one of the organizers in NativeZ who put me on the team and gave me a shot.

You might see me on his twitch stream sometimes under the alias Daemonkz. Hes a friendly guy who's happy to talk to those watching and explain the game as he plays.

Monday, December 9, 2019

The Overdue Update: Fields of Blood

 Its been ages since I updated this and I have really wanted to share my Genestealer Cult that really is a genestealer brood.


While I didnt finish any of the paint jobs in time (or since as you can clearly see) for all the units I was adding I got all but one unit up to a standard I was happy to play with. While most of them just need me to clean up their skin and finish a few touch ups.

The Disappointment Squad

The model I was most happy with is the one I was least happy with when I started the conversion.
The abominant. While he was a lot bigger than the standard GW abominant he was on the right base size (just) and he looked great. LOS shouldn't matter for characters anyway.


The standout unit at the tournament general heavy lifter award goes to the carnifexs. These things were beasts. Heavy Venom Cannons and Deathspitters was the right fit for what I needed to balance out my army.

Again I was close to getting best in Race for Tyranids. Me and Ryan were once again tied for points as top tyranids players with one round remaining. Hoping to play each other to duke it out for the spot we unfortunately got split. I got Deathwatch and he got put up vs Knights. This was in a round where only troops could score objectives. Sadly I lost my match and he won his.

Dynamic posing done right

Thankfully I got to play vs two of the beauty pageant armies along the way, one used Mantic models to make a unique looking Guard army and the other was a beautifully done GSC army with an amazing City piece display board (Also with Mantic Trucks).

A nice space trooper feel.

He had GSC priests as squad leaders in every squad.

Well taking away from the tournament and how to improve my list I decided I didn't like Genestealers (Purestrains) in my Genestealer Cult and I wanted an even bigger bug. This baby will count as either a shadowsword or Barbed Heirodule and give me a nice big bug on the table once its done.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Wrath and Glory - The King is Dead, Long Live the King pt 1

At the end of the last Chapter of Wrath and Glory the Players discovered what had happened to Governor Veneratio or at least to his head. With no Governor Inquistor Victoria Aldrich sees instability. To avoid this Inquisitor Victoria has decided to force the succession as soon as possible, but with two possible heirs she has got her warband to investigate both and advise her of who will be best to succeed the throne.

In the latest session they were introduced to the two heirs to the throne. The First of which was the first born son, Farsheed Veneratio. 

While one would hope that being the first born son would make him the clear successor, sadly not as he had run away from home to join a hive gang "The Piscators". Outraged Governor Veneratio declared his younger sister Mina the Legal Successor. After a decade away from home he returns as a successful gang member and his father declares him as his rightful successor before a hall of upper hive officials. However the Governor was declared missing the very next day before any legal documents could be signed.

Farsheed is a well loved leader who is always flanked by his two biggest supporters, first and foremost is Foreman Dresdor Kant. Being an Ogryn means that Kant has quite a presence in the room, that in combination with his customised Rad Pistol (a gift from the mechanicus) he certainly had a quite an impact on the players reactions.

Quite surprisingly Farsheed has also won favor with the Mechanicum. Engineer Shadi Madani oversees the Human Resources working for the Adeptus Mechanicum. With higher productivity in mind she sees Farsheeds leadership and connection with the lower hive a great morale boosts for the workers. With an outward appearance that has been manufactured to be most pleasing for the Humans she interacts with, Madani is hiding quite a few surprises.

Having met Farsheed at his public gathering and in private afterwards the Inquisitors Warband were not impressed.  In the words of the of our ever friendly Ministorum priest 'who cares about the scum of the lower hive'.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Motivation and Crushing Claws

I did nothing for the month of May, like literally nothing. I felt depressed and far from motivated. I also struggled to find time to go the hobby shed.

However with this month I started to do stuff, I looked at all my half done projects the sinking feeling that my monthly RPG is not going be monthly and decided I need some focus. I have put this board together to help motivate me and to try focus the hobby butterfly so that my projects actually get done. 

I managed to get a few more of my Acolytes done and after fucking up one hip and trying to find a way to save the model it inspired me to do one squad leaping over and running past the bits of killa kann that my Patriarch is standing on. This means my Patriarch wont look so alone with his orkish base and will use some other left over ork bits on my display board to help bring it together.

I feel quite great about this particular acolyte showing off some actual mobility.

The next big problem for this is with these crushing claws. I got my Broodlord on a small base and he doesnt look too out of place but I am not sure how to pose these crushing claw arms or if I should even use them at all.


Honestly I hate the 6 arms of the genestealers cult and find it mentally hard to pose them in a way that doesnt just look stupid.


Anyway if you could please give me some feedback on the crushing claws it may actually hold some sway as I am so uncertain about them at the moment.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Act 1 Villains

First of all this will contain alot of spoilers for the Dark Tides Adventures for anyone who plans on playing it...





Feeling Flash

Lets start with the main villain Gerrit. Hes a suave and I feel like I did pretty good in hitting the above description. Not only is he good looking buts hes a great public speaker and the below speech is quite well written and I even had one of the players say he gives a convincing argument.

Governor Fellatio isn't looking to good.
He has a Fanatical Protector with him and I thought what sort of person is going to risk their life for the Lord of Luxury and I thought a crazy drug lady who's desperate for her next hit and doesn't want the guy that's giving it all out for free gone. Original plan was that she was part of the fleeing crowd and does a surprise stab and on someone unsuspecting, unfortunately someone went straight for the head so she instead jumped in front of a blob of plasma.

For the attendants/soldiers in the crowd and their leader who stands next to Gerrit with the box containing Veneratio's head I used the Blackstone Fortress Cultists. It was good excuse to get them painted and they fit the part well.

And how could it be a Cult of Slaanesh if there wasn't an Orgy in the corner (this was not apart of the original plot but I couldn't let it not happen... Maybe inviting my Boss to play wasn't the best idea). Watching the Orgy gave the players a point of corruption as this isn't something a Agent of the Imperium should do but also because it involved multidimensional pulsating tentacles. This was the real threat in the encounter as pile of rags turned out to be a possessed.

Show me on the doll where it it touched you.

Dad your not looking so good after that last accident.

Ivill Kreet is a character who plays a very small part of the story and while it did not come across at all in the game his backstory is amazing and as DM this was one of the highlights of what went into the Dark Tides setting.

Hes a smuggler, he needed a luxury item.

And he needed a family of scum and my ventures into Catachan renegades when I was a teenager turned out to come in handy (this also where my poorly sculpted tentacle monster came from).

Insert thin your paints screech here

With Governor Fellatio dead what will happen to the Planet Chlamydia and Hive Aids... Stay Tuned

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Sir Jonas Alswere

"Tea is more important than ammunition"

Sir Jonas Alswere - Of Noble Upbringing from the stout and rigorous house of Alswere, Sir Jonas is well aware of the games the Noble houses play in the vie for power. Particularly adept at navigating Imperial Bureaucracy Sir Jonas assists where Victoria has little patience. Often donned in ancient armour and wielding a relic plasma gun that can trace its origins back to before the heresy Sir Jonas is capable of handling himself if things get rough.

I really failed with the transfer but it was something I wanted try, never put transfers on before. It basically became a guide for me to paint over, would score myself 2/10 for that application. The black used to fix it really stands out in a bad way but the green of the armour was too many layers and not something I could replicate at this stage, honestly I think I should have either just done some free hand or put the transfer on right at the beginning before any washes. I live and I learn.

And that's the party, ready to serve Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich.

The main villians have been painted already but as one of the players is reading this blog they shall not be revealed until after they have been seen in game.