Thursday, September 3, 2020

Welcome to my side of Town.

So they say the area once paid tribute to an ancient champion of Terra. Perhaps it was once even an arena for warriors to emulate such triumphs, however now it is continuously torn apart and renovated by its ever changing residents. 

The ramshackle pieced together shacks are regularly destroyed, scavenged or repurposed by the ever changing gangs passing through.

So basically my Metro Morph terrain came through from Crowd Forge Studios. First thing I had to do was see how much I got in a box. 

I got 2 Core Sets, 1 Elevation set, 2 extra packets of Protection/Repair Stickers and 1 extra set of clippers. Honestly if I could retrospectively change my order the only thing I would change is ordering another set or 2 of clippers as towards the end of the city I was wishing I had more T and Cross clips but only had an abundance of L clips left. I found a use for the L clips however and pop outs from the doors and floor extensions to build barriers and cover on walkways and rooftops. Though I did end up using a floor piece as a very large wall..

The sets came with lots of decorative stickers and stickers to hide the clippers or repair/protect parts of the cardboard where it will fray. I found this very useful as my eager hands damaged a few pieces popping them out of the frames. I only used a few decorative stickers as I felt most were to jarring compared to the terrain but did pick two I liked to see what it could look like. 

What you see uses every single piece I got sent and every single clipper, I did have to leave one slanted wall/roof freestanding on the side but it was the last thing and I had run out of T clips which are needed to stick it to any of the other buildings.

It was 4 storeys high and you can climb onto almost every part of it, in fact only two floor pieces cannot be accessed in the build.

Robs in the secret passage
But he still can't get on that roof.

The board beneath is a 900mmx1200mm corflute sign that was given away after the bookfair it was advertising had passed. I gave this a very quick spray paint with the sprays I had available and seeing as Orange was the fullest can I couldn't pass the opportunity to pay tribute to my favourite esports team fnatic. 

I had so much fun making this city and I know every time I set up the board its going to be different, which is both the greatest funnest part (Honestly I had more fun setting up that table than I have playing any table top game) but also the most frustrating part, that literally took me hours to set up and isn't something you could whip out just before a game.

Once I was done with it, I packed it away nicely sorted into Horizontal pieces such as floors and walkways, and vertical pieces of even height such as walls, ladders and pillars and finally oddpieces such as the triangles, uneven height walls, overhangs and my door barriers.

The fact that it comes precoloured, its very sturdy (held my metal flying hive tyrant or a full bottle of PVA glue easy), is so modular, was rather affordable and my only gripes were with the lack of clips I would definitely recommend this terrain. The ratio of L clips to T and Cross clips impacted how I wanted to set up the terrain and that the Elevation set came with one less bag of clips but just as many pieces and more pieces that depended on T and Cross clips (You can't L Clip floors and walkways together) was really my only frustration but to anyone reading this and buying their own thats easily fixed with a minor surcharge to get more bags of clips. To make life easy so you don't have to google it you can find the website here:

Edit: Updated with Death Watch Tiles as requested, they work really well as a base and give it a deep hive feel as they have gaps between the walkways and detailed depths with pipes and more walkways shown below. The smaller size would be good with lots of levels which can easily be done and would be great for a transportable 1v1 3D layout. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


My son has been asking me for a big monster like daddies, most specifically he wants his own Virago. I was not going to be getting him his own Virago but Mimicry Miniatures recently got an SLA printer so I dug up the files I got off Thingyverse in 2018 for a Biovore/Pyrovore Hybrid and up scaled it till it was the size of an Exocrine. I really hated its bullfrog throat so removed the head from the files and sent them through.

Mimicry Miniatures do 3D printing in Wellington and have a range of 3D products they are licensed to print (Mostly DND and Fantasy based) but will do custom print jobs on any files you send through. I got them to print the Tentacle you will have seen in earlier posts, but that was printed on FDM which is a classic line printer that they started off with. While I haven't gone through the full catalog I am finding their custom print jobs great and well priced.

The other thing I realised is that I haven't posted any photos of my Swarmlord/Reaper of Obiliterax Tyrant to the blog yet. This model was assembled during the dark times of Lockdown. I hate the Swarmlords tiny swords when they clearly have a much bigger much better looking sword in the set for the Bonesword Lashwhip Combo. So after putting on the two big Swords I looked at maybe having the smaller swords for the 2nd set of arms as his parrying daggers but that was lame. So instead I bent out my old metal whip and flipped the other whip. In competitive games it will probably be used as a Swarmlord but in more fun casual games a pure melee Tyrant with Murderous Size, Toxin Sacs and Reaper of Obiliterax dealing a crushing 9 damage on any wound rolls of a 6 will be hilarious.

Last but not least while I am pumping out the content is the base for my Harpy, I have stripped so many bits off the truck that the Monkey Chuka gave me that it was left in a barely together state, with barely any other bits worth stripping its now going to be used help keep my beautiful flying Harpy in the air.  The paint job should end up matching the orks on the bases of my Patriarch and his genestealers.

Because as we all know I cannot sit down and work on one project at a time, with 3 now finished I have to start 6 right? Its like chopping heads off a Hydra.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Here is the Virago!  Now most Tyranids seem to be named after either derogatory terms for woman or odd organs and bodily processes. Looking at my Big Beasty I decided I had to go with a derogatory term for a woman as I felt it was very feminine. Virago however is not just derogatory it also signifies a warrior aspect; a strong woman. 

Would you look at that two other Nids are mentioned as Similar

Taking it to the Tournament I dubbed it the Virago Pattern ShadowSword as it was counting as a Shadowsword. The tournament however hadn't even begun and I was getting questioning looks and people confirming if the TO had okayed it. Mainly from an Imperial Guard player who said that in alot of Tournaments he struggled to move his Guard Super Heavies due to their width. This was due to how the alot of tables were building heavy with Terrain in New Zealand Tournaments at least and his tank often couldn't fit down the main street of the tables let alone any alley ways. And fair enough despite being longer and slightly taller mine was about half the width and really did go wherever it pleased.


Onto the First Game, my Opponent one of the best in New Zealand rolled his eyes when I mentioned it was a ShadowSword and for the sake of me not gaming for advantage wanted to check the table for terrain pieces that a normal ShadowSword could not take cover behind but mine would, arguing that they couldn't block line of sight. Of course I agreed, I didn't want anyone thinking it was done for advantage, the conversion was purely for aesthetics. Thankfully we were playing on Pete Dunns Airport crash table where there is either no terrain or huge terrain and it was agreed that we didn't have to make any changes to how we dealt with line of sight. 


In the Second game I was once again asked are you sure and that I had the TOs permission. My opponent said if it was his choice it was a no go (He did mention he would accept it as a Barbed Heirodule) but as I had the TOs permission (which he added was not sure how that happened) then that would be the last he said on the matter as I had the 'go' from the one person that mattered (Thanks Hagen). He then promptly detonated my Warlord on the first turn to teach me a lesson. When the Virago returned fire on the Riptide sticking out I forgot to check and yes hidden out of sight but next to it was a large squad of Shield drones. The Virago died next turn and I had wasted the one round of fire it had graciously been granted.

In game 3 I had now lost both my games so hard that I was against a young and enthusiastic player who really didn't care about gaming for advantage he just thought it and my army looked really cool, he was the first opponent to praise its looks. This was a fun and chill game and much needed as I was basically asleep at this point, I lost despite it being a close game due to the fact he picked the deployment side with the Superior Objective and I got the Inferior because otherwise we were tied on score and held the same number of objectives at end of game. 

Game 4 I got the one opponent who was there entirely for the Pretty Toys, Photos and the Smooth Ass I had just sold him. He was quite happy with the aesthetic of the Virago and the counts as (or at least I was led to believe so).

For game 5 I got another experienced player but this time they were all good with the Virago and thought it was awesome that on first glance my army looks like a Nids army until you inspect it and find the Genestealer detachment and the Virago. He won first turn and promptly made sure that Virago was looking good from the side lines instead.

Overall I think I got about 6 or 7 people expressing that they thought it was cool over the course of the tourne and about 4 people who thought it shouldn't count as a ShadowSword some went further to say it would be a good counts as for a Barbed Heirodule but sadly most NZ tournaments are very strict on ForgeWorld models and don't allow counts as or in Hagens case anything FW with the titanic keyword. 
Additionally I don't think I played the army or the Virago right, it should have been more forward and aggressive or hidden better and I hid it in the matches I shouldn't have and left it out in the open on the matches where it should have stayed hidden. Moral of the story is that sleep is important if you want to play well.

Going into 9th it will be costing me an arm and a leg in terms of CP to play it as a Shadowsword in a Nids army and even then the Barbed Heirodule will cost a fair chunk of CP. So despite it now being my favorite model I will be hamstringing myself to put it on the table.

Last but not least for I did hint at it, here is the first draft on the next character for my Genestealer detachment. Please take a guess at what you think its going to count as. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Tournament Madness

Fuck it I put down a finished army for once.

First of all lets start with lockdown and how it impacted my ability to paint my Nids, I ran out of Ceramite White. Your nids are not white, why is it required you might say.

I blame the old fella, it was his first time leading the army.

Well I based mine on several painting guides from Tale of Painters and importantly how they paint Hive Fleet Kraken skin, this involves priming white before a wash of Seraphim Sepia and a coating of bone however when I primed my first model white with Corax I was like this isn't white and painted all of the skin areas with a thinned layer of Ceramite white so that it was actually white for the Sepia to do its work. I did a test on a spare model to check the difference between straight over the primer and with the layer of white and the difference was huge. 

Game 1 - Death Watch Shred Nids but he had cool objective marker mats

Back to the present once lockdown was over I went to buy some Ceramite white only to find they no longer produce the lumpy white substance any more. Shocked I bought some Corax white in a pot and tried mixing it with White Scars till I got a white that wasn't as bright as white scars but not as grey as Corax and after awhile painted a test termagant. While it passed hiding amongst the crowd of my other termagants I could tell which one it was on inspection and I knew it would stand out on my big Monsters. Time past and I put off painting my monsters in favour of having fun with my necromunda gang.

Game 1 - Last Bug Standing vs Death Watch

Suddenly it is 2 weeks out from the tournament and I have to paint my models, I went into my local non-gw gamestore the Caffeinated Dragon (for the best way for any business in Wellington to survive is to sell coffee on the side.. Hell even the 2nd hand clothes stores and hairdressers near my work sell/make coffee to sweeten the deal) found the Reaper Minis paint line and got myself some Dragon White.

Game 2 - Whats red and white and right up your backside.

While its not as pale as Ceramite White its still not as bright as White Scar which meant it was my next best thing and away I went, for some reason I also put on 2 ripper swarms on my list despite only having 4 bases.. So I haggled my mates till I got given some more rippers (Thanks yall) and started getting to work.

Game 2 - Tau plugging my Butt
Only then did I discover that it was taking me 3 - 4 hours to apply each layer of fucking paint to this huge beast of a beast. We were in it for the long haul, not only this but it was School Holidays and the Wife was being driven mad and therefore I was limited in the amount of time I had in the Hobby Shed. This lead to waiting till she was asleep to sneak out of bed and head out to the freezing cold shed in the middle of the night to paint or waking up early and getting some done before Work.

A compilation of all the Chaos Armies I did not face in game 3
cause I have no photos of that game and it was the one chaos army I didn't take a photo of...

One week left before Tournaments and our self evaluated painting lists were required to be submitted, looking at my painting metric I was at 31/32 and having a display board was worth 1pt. Between that and having the inside knowledge that Septimus Clegg would be turning up with half painted models I thought maybe with a display board I can have a chance of taking home an award for the Beauty Pageant..

Its okay to drool just not on the models

I say an award because I meant 2nd place trophy as I knew Glen Burfield was taking his Eldar and I cannot compete with that...

How can one compete?

Well let me tell you I was wrong about that... The Bastard is so good at converting and painting he can win first place with 2 models only having a single layer of paint over the primer and I don't even think I got a vote... 

Game 4  - What an Arse

Anyway on the list went the Display board I didn't own. 

Game 4 - What a bully picking on such weaklings.

Adding to my list of projects to finish in a week I needed a better way to transport my army than the 101 ice cream containers and cardboard boxes currently in use so I bought an old travel case from the city mission and got some foam delivered.

My Army is now on Wheels!

I then spent the weekend touching up my old models so that I could coat them as I was sick of the paint chipping due to my way of moving hordes (pick them all up and dump them down..) and my warriors getting caught in each others spikes in my storage tin (another reason for the need of a proper way to transport and store models).

Now thats a display board

Monday passed with me playing Necromunda, Tuesday came and the Wife wasn't well so I worked from home and snuck in a moment to varnish my gaunts and warriors... man did this go wrong.. despite it looking great on my Genestealer detachment, Carnifexs and my Doctor who model (who was the test for this) the gloss varnish from Repco (intended for cars) was applied about 3 times to thick and now my termagants hurt your eyes if lights were too bright. 

So much bling!

At least I was confident that the model would break before the paint would chip... Tuesday night was  practice match with Ryan, still the 2 extra ripper bases were about half done and the 'Virago' Pattern Shadowsword wasn't even half done.

I like the purple and orange

However I am glad I got this game in as I felt so much more confident in knowing my units stats which followed on from my lesson on how does one play 40k with Septimus Clegg.

Game 5 - Target Acquired

Some how from about 9pm on Wednesday night going till 2am on Saturday morning I made a Display board finished my models coated them and cut out all the foam for 90% of my army. Only my old metal Hive Tyrant, Rippers and Objective Markers didn't find room in the case yet. Can I give a time line of what happened, not really.. was my display board still drying when I packed it in the case on Saturday morning.. yes... and I didn't even need to drink any energy drinks on Saturday as I had enough caffeine still flowing through my body after drinking several litres of it over the past 3 days...

Game 5 - My opponent kept asking if I would like to pass any of my saving throws...

Overall I am happy with how the tournament went despite never having done so poorly in a tournament before. The only game I won my opponent intentionally threw! and I would have been tabled 3 times but thankfully managed to finish with 1 model on the table in the last turn in 2 games once cause I killed all their anti tank and Virago was to damm big for bolter fire and in the 2nd one because I screened a character and they ran out of shooting after killing the screen. However I feel this is the first time I have been happy with the presentation of my army at an event (except when I borrowed Septimus Cleggs Hive Fleet Nidrot but that doesn't count).

Rocks and sand painted to look like rocks and sand

Actual photos of the 'Virago' will come once I have had some rest and can be bothered getting it out of the case again for a proper photo shoot ...

Like real bugs they all go Squish

And as always my brain was on overdrive after a tournament and I couldn't help but focus on how to make a solid list with the models I own and what could I do with the Genestealers I got for cheap at the Tournament... I will let you in on a secret: 5 new characters have been planned. Photos of these will come once I actually glue some bits together and its more than just a day dream.

The Model that Won the Beauty Pageant, it had to be first to die 😜