Sunday, June 16, 2019

Motivation and Crushing Claws

I did nothing for the month of May, like literally nothing. I felt depressed and far from motivated. I also struggled to find time to go the hobby shed.

However with this month I started to do stuff, I looked at all my half done projects the sinking feeling that my monthly RPG is not going be monthly and decided I need some focus. I have put this board together to help motivate me and to try focus the hobby butterfly so that my projects actually get done. 

I managed to get a few more of my Acolytes done and after fucking up one hip and trying to find a way to save the model it inspired me to do one squad leaping over and running past the bits of killa kann that my Patriarch is standing on. This means my Patriarch wont look so alone with his orkish base and will use some other left over ork bits on my display board to help bring it together.

I feel quite great about this particular acolyte showing off some actual mobility.

The next big problem for this is with these crushing claws. I got my Broodlord on a small base and he doesnt look too out of place but I am not sure how to pose these crushing claw arms or if I should even use them at all.


Honestly I hate the 6 arms of the genestealers cult and find it mentally hard to pose them in a way that doesnt just look stupid.


Anyway if you could please give me some feedback on the crushing claws it may actually hold some sway as I am so uncertain about them at the moment.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Act 1 Villains

First of all this will contain alot of spoilers for the Dark Tides Adventures for anyone who plans on playing it...





Feeling Flash

Lets start with the main villain Gerrit. Hes a suave and I feel like I did pretty good in hitting the above description. Not only is he good looking buts hes a great public speaker and the below speech is quite well written and I even had one of the players say he gives a convincing argument.

Governor Fellatio isn't looking to good.
He has a Fanatical Protector with him and I thought what sort of person is going to risk their life for the Lord of Luxury and I thought a crazy drug lady who's desperate for her next hit and doesn't want the guy that's giving it all out for free gone. Original plan was that she was part of the fleeing crowd and does a surprise stab and on someone unsuspecting, unfortunately someone went straight for the head so she instead jumped in front of a blob of plasma.

For the attendants/soldiers in the crowd and their leader who stands next to Gerrit with the box containing Veneratio's head I used the Blackstone Fortress Cultists. It was good excuse to get them painted and they fit the part well.

And how could it be a Cult of Slaanesh if there wasn't an Orgy in the corner (this was not apart of the original plot but I couldn't let it not happen... Maybe inviting my Boss to play wasn't the best idea). Watching the Orgy gave the players a point of corruption as this isn't something a Agent of the Imperium should do but also because it involved multidimensional pulsating tentacles. This was the real threat in the encounter as pile of rags turned out to be a possessed.

Show me on the doll where it it touched you.

Dad your not looking so good after that last accident.

Ivill Kreet is a character who plays a very small part of the story and while it did not come across at all in the game his backstory is amazing and as DM this was one of the highlights of what went into the Dark Tides setting.

Hes a smuggler, he needed a luxury item.

And he needed a family of scum and my ventures into Catachan renegades when I was a teenager turned out to come in handy (this also where my poorly sculpted tentacle monster came from).

Insert thin your paints screech here

With Governor Fellatio dead what will happen to the Planet Chlamydia and Hive Aids... Stay Tuned

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Sir Jonas Alswere

"Tea is more important than ammunition"

Sir Jonas Alswere - Of Noble Upbringing from the stout and rigorous house of Alswere, Sir Jonas is well aware of the games the Noble houses play in the vie for power. Particularly adept at navigating Imperial Bureaucracy Sir Jonas assists where Victoria has little patience. Often donned in ancient armour and wielding a relic plasma gun that can trace its origins back to before the heresy Sir Jonas is capable of handling himself if things get rough.

I really failed with the transfer but it was something I wanted try, never put transfers on before. It basically became a guide for me to paint over, would score myself 2/10 for that application. The black used to fix it really stands out in a bad way but the green of the armour was too many layers and not something I could replicate at this stage, honestly I think I should have either just done some free hand or put the transfer on right at the beginning before any washes. I live and I learn.

And that's the party, ready to serve Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich.

The main villians have been painted already but as one of the players is reading this blog they shall not be revealed until after they have been seen in game.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Confessor Albertius

Admit your wrong doings, confess of your sins and throw your neighbor under the bus while you are at it for Confessor Albertius is here.

Confessor Albertius - Confessors are free-roaming zealots of the Imperial Cult who use their evangelical platform to agitate the crowds of Imperial citizenry that turn up to hear them, citizens will rush forwards to confess their personal heresies, reveal their hideous mutations and betray their comrades as psykers or other untrustworthy deviants. Such a man has a well deserved place in the inquisitors retinue, why seek the heretic when they will be revealed to you.

The player got asked if he wanted a fresh paint job or if he wanted the nostalgic paint job from when I was like 14. I got told I could do better and so he got dunked.

I'm happy with the end result, the paint scheme stays true to my original version but with nicer lines, less thick paint splatters and no chipping. 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Sergeant Wulfe

Sergeant Wulfe - A Cadian soldier bred for war, service and life of hardship. It was a pleasant opportunity to be recruited in Victoria’s retinue. No longer stuck to eating gruel in the trenches Wulfe is more than happy to put his life on the line and do what a soldier does best. His loyalty to the Imperium and to Inquisitor Aldrich is unwavering.

Hes pretty basic in terms of colours but I felt despite being a player character he was still a guardsman and this way he looks the part. Black and Red are the classic inquisitorial colours so I stuck with them. I also tried a was technique I saw on FB to get the melta look on the end of the barrel. Its not the best but I'm happy with it. 

Also below is a slightly edited intro to the campaign, this will be used to set the scene for the players and help lead us into act 1.

P.S. I did get another lump of milliput on the Dragsta

Monday, February 25, 2019

How Deep does the Rabbit Hole Go?

I have too many Unfinished Projects

Well I know what button I keep Pushing
So lets start with the most recent distraction, mek gunz:

When ya use Eldar Gubbinz to Kill Eldar

3 in various stages of completion, enough on each that you get the idea.

DJ Hi Tek

My Shokk Attack Dragsta is stuck in epoxy hell, the epoxy stage is my least favorite and is where most of my models come to a halt.

Its not the only thing halfway through epoxy hell however.

At least they are not as skeletal as my Gorkanaught/Ork Knight.

Blutack wouldnt hold the weight for an Upright Shot

Then we have the Deff Watch and an Orkquistitor. Nobz and Warboss in Mega Armour seem lackluster though. And while the Deff Watch was going to Double as Death Watch in Kill Team, I didn't enjoy Kill Team.

And then we finish with a bang. The Kill Tank.

Which as much as I love it, its too big and annoying to take to club nights and I feel bad when it wrecks people in casual games. Between this and not being allowed to play it in local tournaments where list restrictions stop me from taking it I have lost a fair bit of motivation to finish it.

And thats just my orks, almost...

There are 2 more Ork Warbosses who are in shambles after moving house that photos would only make me cry...

I would ask people to help me decide what to do but I would honestly just do my own thing anyway. This is more for me to realise how deep in the rabbit hole I am.

Bonus photo of Wazbomb that will get scrapped

Monday, February 18, 2019

Proof of Concept and a few Repairs

When I saw the new genestealer codex I got excited about my Tyranids as new rules always do. However I had been looking at ways to finish the army without using Genestealer cults as I didn't want to have the Blood Brothers in my army this year as they ruined the look of it a bit (Leman Russ' are still the best Nid of all time). I wanted a finished Army for Hive Fleet Leviathan. All Nids All Leviathan. However my test runs of a Broodlord and plain genestealers had been very lack luster in comparison to the GSC deepstrike and Mass Hypnosis. A few moments of thought and I said to myself maybe a genestealer with a spinefist can count as a Acoloyte Hybrid. Back in the work room I looked at the Genestealer sprue and thought the shape and pose was very athletic and very genestealer, I figured a more bipedal look would fix this and I feel it did.

The Silhouette should be significantly unique. 

So thats one down, 14 to go so that I can get a sweet Battalion. The other part of the Battalion would be a 2nd HQ. This comes down to the next conversion on the list, one that came into my mind when I saw the Abominant last year and thought why cant I have a big smashy Patriarch.

Thanks Monkey Chukka for the Size Comparison

I am uncertain as whether a Carnifex or Patriarch head is in order but the size will be fine. The hardest bit will be basing him in pose that doesnt look stupid.

Deff Dred and Killa Kann

Last but not least I am going to be filling in for 1 day at a tournament this weekend to even the numbers. Special rules apply to army building which is all your army must come from one codex with no index or FW units. This means I needed my Orks and to meet the 1500pts no FW or Index units I needed to repair a few of my old toys. With pinned arms and everything attached these two will see the light of day again.

My First Scratch Build. And first thing I painted when I got back into the hobby.