Wednesday, November 2, 2022



The years have certainly Ambushed me that's for sure. Now over 30 šŸ¤®.

The Illegitimate Children 

The years were not the only ones to lay down a surprise attack, so were these painted Genestealer Cultist.

Nothing better than scatter

I smashed through them in less than a week, and somehow they look better than the rest of the shit I paint...

I actually got to use my brutes

As for the big birthday Bonanza after 6 hours of explaining the rules we quit to head home. While the game remained unfished it was clear I wasn't going to win or force the draw having engaged on to many fronts in the multiplayer. It was probably going to go the way of a cult.

The Final Boardstate

The Inch Grid was both great and confusing for new players.

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