Thursday, October 18, 2018

Objective Markers - Links to Download included.

First of All I thought I would start with a sorry for no Day 2 report. Sadly I got Down With The Sickness shortly after my tournament and ended up having paramedics called to my house when I couldn't breathe and felt paralyzed the weekend before last (Thank you very Much to Wellington Free Ambulance). So I will do a quick conclusion. Somehow I managed to win all my games on Day 2 and did end up getting the Best in race Trophy (I had a massive headache and felt exhausted from overthinking). However one thing I felt great about was that in all 5 games where we used objectives my opponents were impressed by my Objective Markers and wanted them to be used as our objectives. 

They came out of the 3D printer looking really grainy and I knew from seeing someone elses painted results that I would need to do something about this to make them look good. With only one day before the tournament I came up with a plan. So much to any Duncan fans horror I went and got some thick Acrylic Paint and did not thin it down all. I went to town with a few layers of that and actually need to get the hair dryer out so it dried in time. Needless to say I am happy with the results it did make some parts of the model vary slightly from objective to objective but that also adds a bit of natural variety.

As such I thought I would share them with the world. I posted them on thingyverse a few days ago and within 4 days they have had 98 downloads which I am personally impressed with. Compared to my Ork Objective Markers which have had 27 downloads in 2 months. What Ork doesn't need more Tires, Every Mek always needs MOAR wheels.

I also just posted my Necron Objective Markers (Made for the MonkeyChukka as a surprise), he was kind enough to actually use them. These are all available for anyone to download and print themselves in the below links.

Tyranid Objective Markers here:
Ork Objective Markers here:
Necron Objective Markers here:

These were all designed to be printed on a very low quality 3D printer so they are quite large to ensure the details come out, I personally like this as it makes the Numbers easy to read while playing as well.

As I thoroughly enjoy making them and I feel like everyone needs good objective Marker I will be looking to add Objective Markers for other factions in the future as well. Next in line will probably be Eldar as I have an idea for Mini Webway Gates if i can get it to work.


  1. Free stuff? No catches? For the greater good? Ha ha, I really enjoyed my Necron ones and will get round to painting and using the Nid ones erm... at some point. Thanks for doing this!

    1. Well people do have to find a 3D printer and pay for the printing but yes the designs are free, the payment goes to my ego in knowing that other people like them and are using them. None for the Greater Good however don't have any ideas for Tau ones yet.

    2. Alistair Allan might. And he printed 3D Tau terrain for FoB too. I'll point him to this page and see if he's interested