Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wrath and Glory - Act 1 Villains

First of all this will contain alot of spoilers for the Dark Tides Adventures for anyone who plans on playing it...





Feeling Flash

Lets start with the main villain Gerrit. Hes a suave and I feel like I did pretty good in hitting the above description. Not only is he good looking buts hes a great public speaker and the below speech is quite well written and I even had one of the players say he gives a convincing argument.

Governor Fellatio isn't looking to good.
He has a Fanatical Protector with him and I thought what sort of person is going to risk their life for the Lord of Luxury and I thought a crazy drug lady who's desperate for her next hit and doesn't want the guy that's giving it all out for free gone. Original plan was that she was part of the fleeing crowd and does a surprise stab and on someone unsuspecting, unfortunately someone went straight for the head so she instead jumped in front of a blob of plasma.

For the attendants/soldiers in the crowd and their leader who stands next to Gerrit with the box containing Veneratio's head I used the Blackstone Fortress Cultists. It was good excuse to get them painted and they fit the part well.

And how could it be a Cult of Slaanesh if there wasn't an Orgy in the corner (this was not apart of the original plot but I couldn't let it not happen... Maybe inviting my Boss to play wasn't the best idea). Watching the Orgy gave the players a point of corruption as this isn't something a Agent of the Imperium should do but also because it involved multidimensional pulsating tentacles. This was the real threat in the encounter as pile of rags turned out to be a possessed.

Show me on the doll where it it touched you.

Dad your not looking so good after that last accident.

Ivill Kreet is a character who plays a very small part of the story and while it did not come across at all in the game his backstory is amazing and as DM this was one of the highlights of what went into the Dark Tides setting.

Hes a smuggler, he needed a luxury item.

And he needed a family of scum and my ventures into Catachan renegades when I was a teenager turned out to come in handy (this also where my poorly sculpted tentacle monster came from).

Insert thin your paints screech here

With Governor Fellatio dead what will happen to the Planet Chlamydia and Hive Aids... Stay Tuned


  1. Governor Fellatio and Planet Chlamydia now is it? lol! Yeah its a shame we didn't get more of the villains backstory and just attempted to kill them on sight. Strangely, the possessed was my favourite because it nearly violated me! Good game!

  2. I kinda forgot to respond to this but your joke did eventually rub off on me, the Soap however did not. I'm glad you liked the Possessed, I thought it would be either very hit or miss especially with the terribly thick greenstuff.