Thursday, September 3, 2020

Welcome to my side of Town.

So they say the area once paid tribute to an ancient champion of Terra. Perhaps it was once even an arena for warriors to emulate such triumphs, however now it is continuously torn apart and renovated by its ever changing residents. 

The ramshackle pieced together shacks are regularly destroyed, scavenged or repurposed by the ever changing gangs passing through.

So basically my Metro Morph terrain came through from Crowd Forge Studios. First thing I had to do was see how much I got in a box. 

I got 2 Core Sets, 1 Elevation set, 2 extra packets of Protection/Repair Stickers and 1 extra set of clippers. Honestly if I could retrospectively change my order the only thing I would change is ordering another set or 2 of clippers as towards the end of the city I was wishing I had more T and Cross clips but only had an abundance of L clips left. I found a use for the L clips however and pop outs from the doors and floor extensions to build barriers and cover on walkways and rooftops. Though I did end up using a floor piece as a very large wall..

The sets came with lots of decorative stickers and stickers to hide the clippers or repair/protect parts of the cardboard where it will fray. I found this very useful as my eager hands damaged a few pieces popping them out of the frames. I only used a few decorative stickers as I felt most were to jarring compared to the terrain but did pick two I liked to see what it could look like. 

What you see uses every single piece I got sent and every single clipper, I did have to leave one slanted wall/roof freestanding on the side but it was the last thing and I had run out of T clips which are needed to stick it to any of the other buildings.

It was 4 storeys high and you can climb onto almost every part of it, in fact only two floor pieces cannot be accessed in the build.

Robs in the secret passage
But he still can't get on that roof.

The board beneath is a 900mmx1200mm corflute sign that was given away after the bookfair it was advertising had passed. I gave this a very quick spray paint with the sprays I had available and seeing as Orange was the fullest can I couldn't pass the opportunity to pay tribute to my favourite esports team fnatic. 

I had so much fun making this city and I know every time I set up the board its going to be different, which is both the greatest funnest part (Honestly I had more fun setting up that table than I have playing any table top game) but also the most frustrating part, that literally took me hours to set up and isn't something you could whip out just before a game.

Once I was done with it, I packed it away nicely sorted into Horizontal pieces such as floors and walkways, and vertical pieces of even height such as walls, ladders and pillars and finally oddpieces such as the triangles, uneven height walls, overhangs and my door barriers.

The fact that it comes precoloured, its very sturdy (held my metal flying hive tyrant or a full bottle of PVA glue easy), is so modular, was rather affordable and my only gripes were with the lack of clips I would definitely recommend this terrain. The ratio of L clips to T and Cross clips impacted how I wanted to set up the terrain and that the Elevation set came with one less bag of clips but just as many pieces and more pieces that depended on T and Cross clips (You can't L Clip floors and walkways together) was really my only frustration but to anyone reading this and buying their own thats easily fixed with a minor surcharge to get more bags of clips. To make life easy so you don't have to google it you can find the website here:

Edit: Updated with Death Watch Tiles as requested, they work really well as a base and give it a deep hive feel as they have gaps between the walkways and detailed depths with pipes and more walkways shown below. The smaller size would be good with lots of levels which can easily be done and would be great for a transportable 1v1 3D layout. 


  1. Does the Deathwatch scenery work with it? Might be a bit too colourful?

    1. Add some photos of it using the deathwatch tiles as a base, it looks great. Thanks for them.

  2. That looks great and ideal for Necromunda, it will fit in well with the original card buildings.

    1. Yea I can't wait to actually play some necromunda on it. I don't have any of the original card buildings but I believe it was part of the inspiration for this.

  3. These look fantastic! Such a nice option for Necromunda or kill team games.

    1. Thanks Mike, yea they should be good for any skirmish games including stuff like Infinity as well.